First patch: Regedit Multi-String Value

Hedos darkhedos at
Mon Apr 24 01:59:40 CDT 2006

Hello folks!

I'm new to Wine development, and I've just completed my first patch. I  
hope I could get some advices to make sure I'm heading in the right  

Just a bit myself now to clear up a few things: I'm a first year college  
student who realized this week-end the Google Summer of Code was back  
again. So, I thought I should definitly give it a try. I started to look  
around to eventually stumble on the Wine page, which immediatly kept my  
attention as the type of programming it requires interested me the most.

So, I already had experience using Wine, but none regarding Wine  
development. I downloaded the source and started exploring it since then.  
There seems to be a lot of exciting projects one could work on for Wine, I  
might send an application for a project, but so far, I only want to keep  
exploring before preparing anything else.

I tried to code something to get used to the project organization, so I  
started with something really simple, which is the patch I am proposing  
here. It allows Multi-String Value edits in Wine's regedit!

It is quite simple and definitly not concerning Wine's core code, but I  
thought it'd be a good start.

If anybody wants to try it and comment, I'd be really glad to hear from  
I'll keep you updated as I adventure deeper in my Wine exploration!

Thanks a lot,
Philippe Paradis
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