Re-proposal: web forums

Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea) speeddymon at
Mon Apr 24 06:08:05 CDT 2006

Jeremy Newman wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 11:40 -0500, Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin
> Navea) wrote:
>> It doesn't make sense to not have a universal login for the entire site, 
>> and even you complain about it..  Just curious, but why are we not able 
>> to fix that?
> Nobody has taken up the task of trying to figure out a way to merge the
> Bugzilla and Appdb user databases. If I had my way I would have the
> appDB codebase modified to also be a bug tracker. The appDB has a fairly
> nice backend. We just need a volunteer to write a replacement bug system
> using that code.
>> For the same reason I posted above.. I personally hate the appdb
> If you hate it, and you seem to want to help so badly, why don't you
> volunteer to help make the appDB better.
Becasue it would have to be built from the ground up to exacting specs 
to become better than what it is, and I dont know enough (read: any) php 
to undertake it, although that's not to say I'm not willing to learn.  I 
think it should be a combination of bugzilla and what the appdb 
currently is, appzilla if you will...

Bugzilla's ease of use, on an app by app level instead of a bug by bug 
level..  Now below that app level you can put each bug.

So on the app level you retain the better parts of the appdb.. 
maintainers, the ratings (gold, silver, etc), things like that, but dump 
the forum-*ish* comments system.. all if does is get filled with crap 
that the maintainer has to go and clean out, because users dont know how 
to use bugzilla, etc..

This is another reason why I am for a forum, users can be walked thru 
figuring out if their issue is PEBKAC or if it really is a bug, and then 
be told how to submit a bug to bugzilla..  It cuts down on crap comments 
in the appdb, reduces the number of dupes in bugzilla, and lets users 
know that we aren't ignoring their problem like it seems now with the 
current bugzilla..  Of course this assumes we leave things as they are 
(which if we do do forums then the appdb wont be so bad imo)

And then on the bug level you retain the better parts of the bugdb, 
components, keywords, (comments are a given), etc.


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