[WINED3D] Use shorter lines in drawprim.c (whitespace)

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 24 09:17:38 CDT 2006

>> Goal: prevent wraparound of lines on 1024x768 resolution using 
>> standard fonts
> Hmm, if wrapping lines you must, then wrap them at the standard 80 
> characters, rather than some ill defined length (whose 'standard 
> fonts'? xemacs'? gedit's? eterm's (vi)? using which display dpi?).
80-characters is a more difficult goal - this is pretty much exceeded by 
every second line in that file.
The wrap-around point on my screen was at 125 chars with vi, which I 
think is awfully long.
[ and that's ugly, so I've tried to cut lines much earlier than that ].
Seemed like a good compromise, since the majority of computer users use 
1024x768 resolution.

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