KERNEL: [2/2] changed test for FindFirstFileEx (Edited)

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Apr 24 13:59:36 CDT 2006

Konstantin Petrov wrote:
> (Patch edited)
> There were the problem while I advert to dosdevices through WINE. I made the 
> test (Windows vs Wine), which shows that in Windows there are available 
> dosfiles (such as NUL, COM1, COM2,.., LPT1, ..), and in Wine aren't. The 
> characteristic property of these files is that I can advert to them only 
> directly. In other cases they are invisible.
> patch for test
> changelog
>         tests/file.c: added test of FindFirstFileA to check correct handling 
> of 
> advertments to dosdevices. 
in you test cases, it would be worthwhile to test:
- that the dos devices are only used when the full name is used, and not 
in other cases (like with trailing ' ', or a trailing dot '.', or even a 
wild card)
- FindNextFileEx should also be checked to ensure the enumeration stops 
after the first one

Eric Pouech

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