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KGJ WOLFProductions at
Tue Apr 25 00:14:14 CDT 2006

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Monday, April 24, 2006, 8:32:14 PM, Segin wrote:
>> Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
>>> I'm sure that everyone of us really enjoys seeing influx of these
>>> wonderful HTML messages.
>>> People please don't send HTML e-mails to the mailing lists. Tey are a pain
>>> to read. And if some one about to say that's not their fault because they
>>> use gmail - then DON'T use gmail for this mailing list. Or configure it
>>> so it does not send HTML messages.
>>> Vitaliy
>> Err, somebody had changed my mailer's settings behind my back. Sorry 
>> bout that
>> And next time, when you have a problem with me, can you please send me a
>> message off the list, instead of sending a generic message on the list?
>> I don't know anyone else that had HTML posts.
> There are number of people here who use gmail or other services that start
> sending HTML all at the same time. I dunno if that's because Google
> changed something?
> So it seemed to me that the problem not with one single offender <g> but
> with multiple people. And all that started with the most active topic...
> Vitaliy
I'm very sorry about that, I just noticed that I sometimes sent HTML
mails, too. My Thunderbird was configured to auto-detect which did the
right thing as long as I answered to plain text only mails. Perhaps it
would be a good idea to write somewhere that the users should configure
there clients to send text only mails to the list? I knew it but I think
if it's worth to open a thread for that topic it might be worth to write
a little (big) notice on this site: (or
perhaps I'm just blind?)

I apologize again,


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