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Am Dienstag, 25. April 2006 15:38 schrieb Louis Lenders:
> Lionel Ulmer <lionel.ulmer <at>> writes:
> >>On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 08:35:41AM +0000, Louis Lenders wrote:
> >> wouldn't be fixing bug 2398 be an idea for SOC?
> >
> > Well, I do not really see the link between game and this bug... Bug 2398
> > does not affect any game at all (the only thing game-related it affects
> > is the NVM toolset AFAIK).
> It's not like that the bug should be fixed for gaming, but just because
> it's a major pain. That's why i thought it was a good idea for SOC. I just
> tested Stefan Dosinger patches and looks like this bug is also going to
> affect all ddraw applications as soon as they get merged (Videolan player
> works well with the patches but the rest of my screen turns black
> completely :( )
I'm with you. This is the single most annoying regression I've ever seen in 
Wine. As  this seems to be top-priority anyway, it's one of the best possible 
SOC candidates (this and a DIB engine), given that most regular devs that 
might be able to fix the regression don't seem all too motivated to really 
touch that issue. Who cares if games take a slight performance hit, if a fix 
would unbreak lots and lots of applications that used to work - an acceptable 
tradeoff, IMHO...

> > Moreover, fixing this may introduce some performance hit in the 'normal'
> > GL code (a bit like Huw's patch for GL on DIB rendering) so it may
> > actually be seen as a regression for gamers
> >
> >           Lionel

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