Getting wrc to handle long long

Bill Medland billmedland at
Tue Apr 25 15:49:28 CDT 2006

(Further to my previous patch)

I have little real experience with handling multiple platforms so 
I have no idea how this needs to be fixed.  Can anyone make some 

Currently the decision as to whether wrc will handle long long 
constants depends upon


So where is this SIZEOF_LONGLONG supposed to come from?  I 
presumed it was either a standard definition or a Microsoft one 
but I guess not; The APR uses one but that seems to be it.

So I suggest maybe we should simply use

#if defined (LLONG_MAX)

which is at least part of C99

But then how to get LLONG_MAX set when compiling up wpp.  I 
managed to hack it by adding std=gnu99 to the CFLAGS in the 
makefile but that is hardly portable.

Can someone give a better suggestion?  Is there something we are 
already checking in the configure that we can use?

Bill Medland
mailto:billmedland at

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