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Thu Apr 27 09:26:07 CDT 2006


On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 08:09:56AM +0200, ethereal at wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a question and some reminds about Wine.

> 1.) When it will be all applications and games supported on 100% ?

*NEVER*. Period.

There are way too many apps out there with very weird lowlevel hacks that
already failed to run properly on the second-less-than-newest Windows version
out there, not to mention a current Windows version. XP app compatibility
is quite bad, too (especially with XP SP2!!).

And Windows Vista (if this incredibly vaporwary beast finally makes it to
the market!) is said to have a ridiculously low appcompat rating of less than
60% currently. Even Wine probably beats that...
Not to mention that Vista will need to have 60% of its codebase rewritten,

Wine appcompat rating will almost certainly never be higher than 90%,
and even that is a very optimistic number.

> 2.) Why wine doesn't accept my own config at all?

Dunno. You don't modify ~/.wine/config but registry keys instead, right?

> 3.) Add more options to Winecfg. It will be fine and welcomed.

That should answer my question about 2.), but yeah, people will add more.

> 4.) I have small fonts in some apps (size about 4 and it has curious look)

Recent fontforge issues perhaps? (see mailing list discussions)

> 5.) Wine doesn't link new installed apps to my desktop and "start menu"

Indeed, that's often less than perfect.
You might want to try a full Wine reinstall with thus a complete new
Wine registration, that might help.

Andreas Mohr

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