Announcing Wineconf 2006, urgent need for head count

Jeremy White jwhite at
Thu Apr 27 10:33:11 CDT 2006

Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce that Rob Shearman has arranged
for us to have Wineconf in his home town, Reading, in the UK.
It will be held at the University of Reading:

It will be on the weekend of September 16 and 17.

We have a wrinkle we need your help on.  That is, as
we make our deposit (which we need to do quickly),
we have to tell them how many rooms we want to reserve.

The have a good deal on rooms (40 pounds/night, which
is quite good, afaict).

The trick is that we have to pay for all the rooms
we reserve ahead of time; we can't ask for 50 rooms
and then only use 43.  We have to pay for all 50.

We may be able to ask for 50 rooms, and then get another
3 or 4, although that's not guaranteed.

So, *if you want a room at Wineconf*, please fill in this form ASAP:

If you're not sure you'll make it, but think you might,
we have a choice for that too <grin>.

Act now or you'll be sleeping in Swindon...



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