First patch: Regedit Multi-String Value

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Apr 27 10:45:43 CDT 2006

Hi Philippe, a couple more thoughts:

+TCHAR* convert_multistringvalue( BOOL toRegistryFormat, TCHAR* value,
LONG *len )

This function shares very little code between the toRegistryFormat ==
FALSE and toRegistryFormat == TRUE versions.  I think this would be
cleaner as two separate functions.

+        /* We found out the amount of strings in the list. Allocate
enough memory for the
+           new list of strings separated by new lines. */

This comment's a bit verbose, I think it's clear enough what the function
is doing without it.

+        /* A REG_MULTI_SZ entry is basically a list of NULL terminated
strings */
+        /* Each string represents a single line. The list is terminated
by another NULL characters */
+        /* Here we convert all the new line charaters to NULL characters
+        /* Also we make sure to terminate with two NULL characters */

This comment is redundant with the comments for the function.

Like Mike M's comments, mine are mostly cosmetic, which is a good sign. 
Once you feel the patch is ready, please send to wine-patches.  Welcome to
wine hacking!


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