SambaXP update, part 2

Kai Blin blin at
Thu Apr 27 13:36:44 CDT 2006

* Robert Shearman <rob at> [27/04/06, 19:08:49]:
> There are 3 things that Samba could do to help Wine:
> 1. Expose SMB operations in a library, including named pipe operations. 
> The library functions exposed would ideally be similar to the Win32 
> functions, i.e. ConnectNamedPipe, CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile, 
> CloseHandle, etc.

I'm pretty sure the Samba team isn't too happy to open too much of the
Samba code to LGPL. We might need to figure out a way to interact wit
this stuff without linking to it.

> 2. Expose an API that would allow Wine (and other applications) to 
> register an endpoint in the Samba endpoint mapper. This API would be 
> along the lines of samba_epm_registerep(UUID *object_uuid, char 
> *protocol, char *endpoint), and a corresponding unregister function.

I guess the same licensing problems arise here. Plus, I have no clue
what that endpoint mapper is. I guess the correct place to ask about
that stuff is #samba-technical on freenode or the samba-technical
mailing list.


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