Implementing Xinerama

Judd Tracy judd.tracy at
Thu Apr 27 20:38:52 CDT 2006

I have been trying to get a very simple Xinerama implementation working for
wine, but am having some problems.  My approach was to just query the system
for the screens that make up the display and only report the resolution of
the first display with the offset of 0+0.  The resolution detection part of
the code seems to be working as I can see looking through the traces, but
every time the app comes up full screen it still stretches across both
screens.  I can see it enumerating the displays (there is only one) and
finding the correct resolution, but don't understand why it still comes up
across both screens.

I was hoping someone could explain what else I need to do attempt to get
this working.  I am using wine version 0.9.11 which I have applied a patch
to work around the WorldOfWarcraft picking bug.  The Xinerama display that I
am using has a resolution of 2560 x 1024 and when I query the screens I get
Screen 0: 0+0+1280x1024 and Screen 1: 1280+0+1280x1024.  When I detect the
screens I only put in one resolution which is the one with offset (0+0).  So
for my system there should be only one resolution to choose from.  I base my
code off the structure of XRandR so it should be for the most part correct.
If anyone could help it would be appreciated.

Judd Tracy
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