Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Fri Apr 28 08:42:23 CDT 2006

Kuba Ober wrote:

>>>IMHO that's too much. Even 100K would be.
>>I agree, this is a _lot_ of code for what? It's not like we can
>>make heads or tails of the diffs for fonts anyway. I agree that
>>is good not to have binary files in CVS, but these are binary
>>files that are cross platform, need not be rebuild by users, etc.

> Nice to hear another voice of reason in all this mess. I hope that sfd2ttf
> and all the related *#$%!@ will be gone from wine as soon as possible.

Somebody has finally spent the time needed to:

1)  Eliminate a dependency (good!)

2)  Keep binaries out of the GIT/CVS tree (good!)

3)  (Hopefully) keep Alexandre happy in the process. (good!)

The code is still a bit big, but I'm confident that can be addressed.

If binaries were going into the source tree, then it would have started 
with the icon/bitmap resource.  Anybody remember who spent "tens of 
precious developer hours" to come up with bin2res so we didn't need to 
checkin binaries then?


bash-3.00$ grep Kuba ChangeLog | wc
       0       0       0

bash-3.00$ head -6 tools/bin2res.c
  * Converting binary resources from/to *.rc files
  * Copyright 1999 Juergen Schmied
  * Copyright 2003 Dimitrie O. Paun

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