RFC: sfd2ttf

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at oribi.org
Fri Apr 28 11:34:21 CDT 2006

Currently we have the following options:
 - depend on fontforge
 - add the ttf files
 - sfd2ttf
 - use some other font format, with converters (hans's idea).
 - ??

I personally would also just add the generated ttf files (has someone 
sent a patch, perhaps it would slip in :-) ). But I think this will not 
happen, as he could have done it long ago.
Even if there is another font format, ttf generation is no trivial task 
(hardly under 100K).
So if AJ refuses to add the ttf files, we have 2 realistic options: stay 
the way it is or sfd2ttf.
Looks like 2 weeks of leaderless flameware.

Dimi Paun wrote:

>As I said, virtually any Java project in existance checks in
>.jar files, and none of them suffer from any negative ill effect.
gnuradio on the other side, has a dependency on a verilog compiler for 
the fpga-firmware (not available for free). You have to download the 
firmware from another site. They also don't include the configure 
script. Compared to gnuradio, wine looks developer friendly and pragmatic.

>It's insanely big. And it's not a one time thing, we'll have to
>maintain that.
Maintanance would be minimal. We use only basic ttf features, which are 
stable. The same with sfd. There are no or minimal dependency on the 
wine side. Perhaps some gcc warnings and some bugs.

n0dalus wrote:

> Just out of interest I ran it through gcov:
> File 'sfd2ttf.c'
> Lines executed:23.50% of 2643
> File 'sfd.c'
> Lines executed:30.49% of 2089
> File 'tottf.c'
> Lines executed:51.85% of 2353
> And out of 324 functions, 194 aren't being used.

Nice to here it built on a different machine.
I will have a look at gcov. Half or more of the unused functions are 
probably due to unused sfd features. With marlett.sfd there are perhaps 
much less unused functions.

> The fonts aren't generated properly for me unfortunately. I am opening
> them in gnome-font-viewer; there is a screenshot attached.
> n0dalus.

Courier.sfd is a bitmap font, perhaps that's the problem. Try 
marlett.sfd, it's an outline font.


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