What do we need from other projects?

Lionel Ulmer lionel.ulmer at free.fr
Fri Apr 28 12:51:48 CDT 2006

> You,
> you already left too many time speaking about that, you would time to code 
> it :)

Not sure. I once debugged something in XFree and already spent hours
understanding the code and this was only in a peripheric library (DGA). I
can't even imagine the time it would take to go into the 'real' X core to
understand how input works :-)

> PS: it'll be cool to have a GLX extension to change the "fbconfig" of an 
> existing window and another to share contexts (ala wglShareLists)

Well, better petition AJ to have the possibility to 're-create' on the fly
the X window, it would be easier :-)

And you cannot share lists using glXCreateContext (the last parameter) ?


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