Handles to unix executables exec'd with CreateProcess()

Thomas Kho tkho at ucla.edu
Fri Apr 28 20:34:06 CDT 2006

It seems that it is not currently possible to get the exit code of a
unix program executed with _wspawnv(_P_WAIT, [unix app], [args])
because CreateProcess() does not return a handle to the new process.
_wspawnv() uses the handle to WaitForSingleObject() the end of
execution and also needs it to GetExitCodeProcess().

Is implementation of handles to unix processes something that could be
done and pass muster, or just a corner case for a feature that doesn't
add to Windows compatibility?

FWIW, my application for this is to run a shell script and get the
return value. Under Windows, I run the shell script with Cygwin; under
Wine, I had originally planned to execute it directly.



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