[WINED3D] Use the correct version mask for pixel and vertex shaders.

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Sat Apr 29 17:50:03 CDT 2006

Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:
> H. Verbeet wrote:
>> On 29/04/06, Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 at cornell.edu> wrote:
>>> +      DWORD major = D3DSHADER_VERSION_MAJOR(version);
>>> +      DWORD minor = D3DSHADER_VERSION_MINOR(version);
>> It's probably a bad idea to add more dependencies on d3d8/d3d9 in 
>> wined3d.
> So what should be done instead?
Ok, I've been explained the problem, but can the patch be merged anyway, 
as correcting a bug.
I will submit future cleanup patches to move structures from d3d9types.h 
to the appropriate wined3d header.

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