Conformity testing

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Sat Apr 29 17:53:13 CDT 2006

Robert Lunnon wrote:
> I've graduated to using winetest and have a question.   From what I understand 
> winetest is a conformity tool, and therefore wine will not always pass 
Not realy, the theory says that the tests on Wine have always to 
succeed. If not they should be enclosed by a todo_wine {}.
But that's the theory, the pratice tells that some of the tests are very 
picky on the enviroment (X and audio drivers, fonts, history of the 
$HOME/.wine directory). I've just run make test and it directly failed 
in dlls/advapi32. On a second run it passed that test but failed 
(permanently) in riched20/editor.c. After manualy touching editor.ok it 
failed again in user/menu.c. As that tree is based on the mmbranch i'm 
not digging deeper as i do not know if Mike runs the tests too before 

> everything. The question is, how do I know what works under linux but doesn't 
> under Solaris so I can identify what I need to work on for Solaris ?
Get a Linux box and try it out yourself.

> PS I want to do this without having another box with lnux on it 
That makes it more work. As i said the tests should all pass on Linux 
but i guess that happens only on Alexandre's box.

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