usp10: Add ScriptTextOut functionality

Jeff Latimer jeffl at
Sun Apr 30 08:41:09 CDT 2006

Mike McCormack wrote:

> It also causes the test cases to crash.  I see you may have addressed 
> that in the next patch, but each patch should be valid on its own, so 
> that there's no points in the commit history where Wine won't compile, 
> or the tests fail.
I'll combine them again as I think that it is too hard to tease the bits 
out.  Thought that was clean break but alas.

> In the test, you've moved the functions around, which makes it 
> difficult to see what you've added and removed.
> It makes things easier to review if you avoid moving code unnecessarily
This was unfortunate but it seems to be the result of moving code above 
ScriptGetFontProperties and diff decided to show this the code was 
deleted and readded.  The bulk of the code is the same but I don't know 
how you restructure without it being moved around.

> thanks,
> Mike


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