DDraw, wined3d (d3d8, d3d9) and OpenGL32 in Mac OSX + stack fudging -- x86 only

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Sun Apr 30 17:29:01 CDT 2006

On 4/30/06, Chris Niederauer <ccn at ccntech.com> wrote:
> We can at least avoid any direct dlsym references on the Mac and
> simply use the glXGetProcAddress procedure.  Also, for anything that
> is added to the OpenGL stack post 10.4.4 or whatever the first intel
> version of OS X was, it could avoid a huge amount of
> glXGetProcAddress's for the included opengl calls like glBegin, etc.

Ah yes. We do this on Linux to avoid a hard OpenGL dependency, which
not everybody will have. But you know users must have this on MacOS as
the GUI is not optional.

> This is not a requirement by the processor, per se, but by the OS X
> ABI.

I see. What a peculiar ABI. Well you can't possibly fix it the way you
currently do, just force an aligned mmap for the stack when it's first

> On systems that already have roots like the Window Server on OS X and
> the GDI root on Windows, your system then looks like Linux.

I don't understand. The root window doesn't have to be visible, as
long as it exists for accounting purposes.

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