VB6 app that embeds a browser window fails on wine; want test case?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Aug 2 07:48:14 CDT 2006

Piero Proietti wrote a nice demo app in VB6
which embeds a browser window.  It doesn't
work in Wine.  I think Jacek has been committing
patches that ought to help this
( e.g. http://winehq.org/pipermail/wine-cvs/2006-July/024993.html )
but it's not quite there yet.
Piero's willing to tailor the test app to our needs.
Should I ask him to strip it down to be noniteractive,
i.e. to just load a single static HTML page from disk,
to make looking at the logs easier?
Or is it better for him to post a minibrowser with nav buttons etc?
- Dan

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