Tobias Burnus burnus at
Tue Aug 8 14:06:56 CDT 2006

Hi Hendric & Xiaojing,

hendric wrote:
> 	Hmm Chinese characters were shown as "??". I think there must be something wrong with the code page. Either can't I input Chinese characters. Applications could not detect their running in Chinese local correctly. I think wine still need a great improvement in supporting multiple languages but the task is of low priority.
> 	Best regards!

I can only partially reproduce this. Using LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8 with e.g.
notepad, I see all menu items in Chinese.Also messageboxes (e.g. "File
does not exist") come out correctly.

However,if I use the file-open dialog, only the caption and header
(detailed view) are correctly shown, the labels, however, display
Chinese characters as boxes (approx. "[]").
If I type something into that edit field (using SCIM) I also only get
these [] for Chinese characters.

[Somehow there seems to be a font-selection problem, but only with the
label and edit-field fonts.]

In the main window of notepad I have no problem to enter Chinese
characters (well, I have to change the "System" font to e.g. "Arial
Unicode" to see the characters instead of "|".)

Actually, with regards entering Chinese characters, it also works with,

Hmm, I played around with a real Windows program (instead of Wine's
notepad) and there I have more trouble. In Origin I fail to enter
Chinese characters into the tables or axis labels: they are converted
into "??". (I think the program converts them to "??" as while I type
"|" rather than "??" is shown; why | is shown even for Arial Unicode, I
do not understand.)

Hendric and Xiaojing, can you give a bit more explicit on what works and
what not. Especially, what locale do you use. And if entering Chinese
characters does not work, which input system do you use (kinput2, SCIM,
...). And last not least: Which Wine version do you use?
Can you try notepad if your application does not work, just to check.



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