Wide-string Functions: Double Casting

David Laight david at l8s.co.uk
Tue Aug 8 18:11:43 CDT 2006

On Tue, Aug 08, 2006 at 09:27:23PM +0200, Eric Pouech wrote:
> what I don't like is that in order to plug a hole (casting from const 
> foo* to foo*), we create a bigger hole by allowing to cast from const 
> foo* to bar* (and the compiler will not give any warning)
> if we want to go into this, then I'd rather have _deconst explicitly use 
> the type:
> #define __deconst(v,X)    ({const X _v = (v); ((X)(int)_v);})
> and in the previous example use __deconst(str, char*);

That isn't valid C, you could do:
	((const X)(v) - (v), (X)(int)(v))
but that is likely to give a 'computed value not used' warning instead.

What you really don't want to do is allow casts from 'int' to 'foo *'.
After all casting from 'foo *' to 'bar *' is easy.


David Laight: david at l8s.co.uk

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