All right, let's solve these .desktop issues forever

Jan Zerebecki at
Thu Aug 10 07:21:29 CDT 2006

There is also the issue that our menu items don't know about

And that the menu items don't get deleted when the windows lnks get
deleted. Thu I guess that is less of a problem when they are stored
somewhere under $WINEPREFIX .

On Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 03:14:28AM -0500, Travis Watkins wrote:
> No need for any of that, just put 1 file in
> ~/.local/share/applications/ and it should work fine. Alternatively
> you could put them somewhere inside ~/.wine and set $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
> (put the files in ~/.wine/menu/share/applications and set
> $XDG_CONFIG_HOME to ~/.wine/menu/). I'm pretty sure you could add a
> line to some dot file (.xinitrc?) and have this set on login.

Why not put a link from ~/.local/share/applications/wine to
~/.wine/menu/freedesktop/ and create the .desktop files there?
That way we can have multiple links to our .desktop files and we
can have a alternate formats of menu links, if the need arises
(as it was in the past or still is).

To fix the WINEPREFIX thing we could use
~/.local/share/applications/wine/$choosen_prefix_name as link and
some other stuff. But is it wanted that we solve this in wine?


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