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Thu Aug 10 10:07:56 CDT 2006

Am Samstag 29 Juli 2006 11:17 schrieb Andrew Riedi:
> Well, here is my first patch, feel free to tell me what all is wrong with
> it.  I noticed a problem in WoW d3d, so I tracked it down and checked out
> msdn.  It seems that implementing ShowCursor() over GDI is acceptable, at
> least according to msdn, and it seems to work great.  Anyhow, this patch
> fixes the two mouse cursor problem in WoW, and makes wined3d more
> compatible with windows, at least msdn.  Here goes nothing.
I wrote a little testing app, and unfortunately this is not correct. 
IDirect3DDevice9::ShowCursor has no effect on the gdi cursor.

Part one of that tests are in the minor cursor fix I sent yesterday. The 
cursor visiblity reported by GetCursorInfo does not change with 
d3d9device::ShowCursor. The real visibility on the screen does not change 
either, after ShowCursor(FALSE) the gdi cursor is still visible on windows.

The other parts are in my not-yet sent visual test case suite, I didn't send 
it yet because it needs more work on GetFrontBufferData. What I noticed is 
that the gdi cursor immediately disappears when SetCursorProperties is 
called - but GetCursorInfo still returns that it is showed, and the cursor 
handle is the same :-/

There are some other things which hide the cursor which I didn't find yet. A 
number of old ddraw games have cursor issues too

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