gdi: Implement GetFontUnicodeRanges.

Huw Davies huw at
Sun Aug 13 17:48:16 CDT 2006

On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 08:26:24PM +0200, Hans Leidekker wrote:
> Any word on this patch?
>  -Hans
> Changelog
>   Implement GetFontUnicodeRanges on top of fontconfig and freetype.

I wonder whether FcFreeTypeCharSet is what you really want here.  It
uses a lot of heuristics which almost certainly won't match what
Windows does, so we're probably better off writing our own.  A test
(on say Arial) would be useful here.

Also note that even if you do use the Fc* functions you'll need to
check that the pFc* ptrs are non-NULL before calling them.


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