RFC: XEmbed Systray Patches

James Liggett jrliggett at cox.net
Wed Aug 16 01:52:30 CDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-08-15 at 12:14 +0100, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Great work! Now let's hope Alexandre accepts it.

We're working on it. I talked about it briefly with Alexandre this
morning on IRC. ATM he thinks I should get rid of the low-level checks
for the systray windows. He suggested that I do something like have the
window created off-screen so it isn't mapped. He also didn't like the
idea of adding more dependencies on the WS_EX_TRAYWINDOW style, so right
now I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of it entirely, since now
is as good a time as any to finally ditch that particular hack. ATM I'm
considering using the systray adaptor class name as an identifier and
calling the dock function in X11DRV_CreateWindow. I'll put that
together, and if it works, I'll send another RFC to the list.


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