tools[1/2]: wineprefixcreate: create a freedesktop-enabled menu directory

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Fri Aug 18 06:07:43 CDT 2006

>>+    <Menu>
>>+        <Name>Wine</Name>
>>+        <LegacyDir>__HOME__/.wine/menu</LegacyDir>
>>+    </Menu>
>Why are you hard-coding this path to being .wine? You correctly used
>$WINEPREFIX before.
  I've forgot about WINEPREFIX here but when I added it there is a 
problem that wineprefixcreate is called with a directory like 
~/.wine-F6YHsT . If we make a reference to such a directory it won't work.
  Maybe we could keep it that wineprefixcreate creates the default file 
and document somewhere how to create the menu files if someone creates a 
custom wineprefix. Alternatively I could add a parameter to 
wineprefixcreate with the final name of the directory and make the menu 
filename dependent on this path.


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