developers-hints 2 -- second try

EA Durbin ead1234 at
Tue Aug 22 11:42:05 CDT 2006

>I think the DEVELOPERS-HINTS contents should really be moved to the
>Wiki, it would be a lot easier to keep up to date there. Does anybody
>feel like doing that?
>Alexandre Julliard
>julliard at

That would be a good place for it. It would be easier to locate. The 
developer's guide, resources, etc. on winehq should be redirect you to the 
wiki as well as its scattered about, partially on winehq and partially on 
the wiki site. It would be more helpful if this was all in one centralized 
location and you didn't have to jump back and forth between the two.

A basic tutorial on how to write a hello world windows application under 
wine, with a form and controls would be helpful as well, for the person who 
was interested in writing a soundrec32 application or other similar 

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