Finding a regression

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Aug 24 11:49:20 CDT 2006

Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> I may be on the wrong list.
> A program I use has shown a backward step in graphics between Wine 0.9.15 and 
> 0.9.16, and I am trying to find the change responsible.  I currently have 
> Wine set as at 2006-06-21 16:21:20 CDT, it is identifying as 0.9.16, and the 
> fault is present.  The Web site says to get the CVS history from the mailing 
> list archives, but the archive is only up to mid-2005.

If you want to continue with CVS, you are apparently looking at the 
"old" CVS archive, at:
The new one is current, and at (pipermail vs hypermail):
Also, if you like a newsreader interface:

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