WineDBG / dbghelp symbol problem

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Thu Aug 24 17:53:10 CDT 2006

I have attached a tarball containing two logs one in case it works ( 
and one in which it fails (log.fails). When it worked wine was installed 
in /usr/local and in the other case in /emul/ia32-linux/usr.

In the working case I executed 'WINEDEBUG=+dbghelp winedbg notepad' and piped 
the output to a log and directly killed it. You'll notice the first line of 
winedbg in it.

The second time I did the same but because wine wasn't in the path yet I 
did 'WINEDEBUG=+dbghelp /emu/ia32-linux/usr/bin/wine winedbg notepad'. In 
previous cases I had symlinks to wine/wineserver in the path and at that 
moment the same problem appeared


On Thursday 24 August 2006 18:55, Eric Pouech wrote:
> Eric Pouech wrote:
> > Dbghelp looks for the ELF module in the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> > environment
> > variables, while the internal loader relies on WINEDLLPATH and the
> > default DLL dir (or the build one). You could work around this by
> > setting one of those variables.
> > Dbghelp needs to be updated to follow the loader's rules from libwine
> > (I'll do it later on this week)
> > A+
> as a matter of fact, we already take care of the WINEDLLPATH in dbghelp
> so the issue is somewhere else
> could you send me the +dbghelp trace in both cases (when it works and
> when it doesn't)
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