Add support for tooltips for system tray icons

James Liggett jrliggett at
Fri Aug 25 19:20:03 CDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-08-25 at 21:45 +0200, Frank Richter wrote: 
> AFAICS tooltip can contain multiple "tools". Each tool is given a
> rectangle. So perhaps make one tool per icon, with matching rectangle?
Yeah, they can do that. That's the easy part. The hard part is just
managing the whole thing. Right now the individual tooltip controls do
that for us. 
> Second is the window-rectangle issue. the problem is
> > that once a tray docks our icon, we basically don't own it, so we don't
> > know exactly what the tray is going to do with it, and thus we don't
> > know exactly where the window is going to be, and I don't see a viable
> > way to find out. 
> Is there no way to get notifications of window movements? At any rate,
> getting right rectangles seems crucial for tooltips to work properly.
I'm sure there is, but I can't tell offhand if we get the right messages
or not. Besides, this still brings up the management problem. If we
wanted to use just one tooltip for all of our icons, we'd have to do a
lot more work for really not much of a benefit that I can see.


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