WineD3D: Sample from the correct source when using older pixel shaders

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Sat Aug 26 21:29:20 CDT 2006

Stefan Dösinger wrote:

> Pre 2.0 pixel shaders do not contain a tag for the texture type to sample 
> from. Wine had 2D textures hardcoded, this patch checks the bound texture 
> type to decide from which texture to sample from. For >= 2.0 shaders the 
> shader tag is still used.
Why can't this be done in a much cleaner way where the sampler is 
initialized (2nd pass, baseshader, get_registers_used)? Then you don't 
have to copy and paste the same thing in many places - there's 10 
texture instructions or something like that for pixel shaders alone.

Also, maybe the stateblock should be passed as an argument to all 
functions that use its states. I don't like walking up the tree to find 
what you need (this->wineD3Ddevice) - it's a hidden dependency on device 
state, which isn't even all the time - that's why you had to move the 
point where the shader is compiled [ this needs better documentation ].

Similarly, I think the code would be cleaner if projected sampling vs 
regular was retrieved from the stateblock, and stored somewhere else, at 
the point when the sampler is initialized.

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