Building Wine with the lsb sdk

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Aug 28 00:18:55 CDT 2006

I've been a longtime fan of the idea behind the LSB,
i.e. build once, run everywhere.  (If you're an anti-fan of
the LSB, please kindly skip this message.)

So tonight I downloaded the current LSB SDK from
and gave it a shot.  Here's the script I came up with:

set -ex
export CC
export CXX
# Must define RTLD_DEFAULT because of
# Must define MAP_FILE because it's not in Unix's SUS3
# Must disable linux/videodev.h as it's not supported by the LSB,
# and won't compile with lsbcc
ac_cv_header_linux_videodev_h=no \
 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/wine-lsb
make depend LDFLAGS=-ldl
make LDFLAGS=-ldl CFLAGS="-g -O2 \"-DRTLD_DEFAULT=((void *)0)\" -DMAP_FILE=0"

This worked past a number of problems, but the build breaks with the error
/opt/lsb/include/unistd.h:342: error: syntax error before
while building dlls/comctl32/tests/imagelist.c

The fix is not obvious.  I'll try giving it another look sometime this week.
- Dan

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