Does WIDL support include <xxx.idl>

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Tue Aug 29 16:53:20 CDT 2006


I am cleaning up msxml*.idl files.
It seems that msxml.idl and msxml2.idl are incompatible.
msxml.idl includes xmldso.idl and xmldom.idl (eg: include "xmldso.idl")
where as msxml2.idl explicitly declares the interface defined by
xmldso.idl and xmldom.idl.
This is done so that we there would be no clashes beteen msxml2.0 and
msxml3.0 implementation.
As in msxml2.0 and msxml3.0 there were some GUID changes.
Does MIDL put the expansion of the included idl file.
ie, in a.idl we have a line include "b.idl"
what i want ask is does a.h will contain all the contents of b.h(b.h
is output when we run midl on b.idl) when we run midl on a.idl.

I want to generalize the msxml implementation.


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