Putting my hand up for WWN

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Tue Dec 5 03:39:50 CST 2006

Edward Savage wrote:
> I'm prepared to write the WWN releases in Brian Vincent seeming absence 
> if it pleases the powers that be.
> If this is alright I'd like some one to give an overview of what topics 
> should be covered and then for some one to review the first one or two 
> created.  I've read the last hundred or so WWN issues over the years so 
> I have a good idea of whats required though clarification would be nice.
> I already got wine-devel/wine-users - are there any more that need to be 
> monitored.
> Finally I would need to know how to submit the newsletter and the proper 
> syntax.

I think writing it, and submitting it as a patch to the lostwages CVS on 
wine-patches at winehq.org would be a good start, then people can review it 
and give you feedback.

As for topics... it's really up to you.  Probably just things that are 
of interest to developers and users not so familiar with the project...

You could always contact Brian for guidelines...


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