Putting my hand up for WWN

Edward Savage epssyis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 18:13:14 CST 2006

Alright that sounds reasonably easy.

I'm on uni break for the next three months so apart from learning cpp I
don't have much else to do. :P

I will attempt to have an issue by this friday - probably a recap on what
has happened since the last release.  I'll send it through once done for you
to review/submit.

On 12/6/06, Brian Vincent <brian.vincent at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 12/4/06, Edward Savage <epssyis at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm prepared to write the WWN releases in Brian Vincent seeming absence
> if
> > it pleases the powers that be.
> It pleases the powers that be.
> Things have been a little out of control here for the past few months.
> I've had intentions of it.. I swear.. I shouldn't delude myself into
> thinking it'll get done any time in the next few months.  Especially
> since my priority at this point has been on another writing project.
> Here's some random thoughts:
> 1.  Write about topics you find interesting.
> 2.  Having 4 topics weekly is better than 8 topics every two weeks.
> 3.  Look at the XML file to see the syntax.  It's the same syntax
> shared with Kernel Traffic and I'd recommend submitting those to Zack
> Brown for inclusion there.  (I'll email you offline with his address.)
> 4.  Use an XML checker to check the XML before sending it in.  I'd
> recommend tidy first followed by xmllint.
> 5.  The best day of the week to publish an issue is a Friday.  Most
> threads on Wine-devel start and end between Monday - Thursday.
> 6.  At some point I'll probably want to get back into it, but the
> structure of WWN lends itself to be easily decentralized.
> 7.  If you want to email me the first few issues you write, I can put
> them up.  Or send them to wine-patches, but that might take longer to
> get put up.  Eventually we should make a CVS log in for you.
> -Brian
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