[Wine] Cyber Cafe Pro on Linux

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at thehandofagony.com
Wed Dec 6 09:20:56 CST 2006

Onsdag 06 desember 2006 01:26, skrev Edward Savage:
> I'm going to get eaten alive for this though depending on your requirements
> it might be a better idea to stick with Windows and really lock down your
> installation.  I've been directly involved in two Linux migrations for
> Internet Cafes (and advised on several others) - one successful (net cafe)
> and the other unsuccessful (gaming cafe) - and in both cases it was more
> trouble than it was worth.  The problem isn't the software it is the users;
> When they go to use the software they notice, for example, that they aren't
> using IE and when they come up to some page that doesn't display perfectly
> problems occur.  There are many more examples that just make the mind hurt.
> So unless this Cycber Cafe Pro provides _everything_ you really need to be
> asking yourself if you really want to open this can of worms.

Or you could simply run the software that the users 'expect' in Linux, using 
Wine.  After all, that's what Wine is for.


> On 12/5/06, vulani mabunda <vulani at mac.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm running an internet cafe using Cyber Cafe Pro software. This software
> > is design soley for Windows platforms. We're constantly experiencing
> > problems with Windows with regards to viruses and stability issues.
> > Recently, we lost all our data and had to re-install.
> >
> > May you please help us in flawlessly porting this application so that it
> > can run on Linux both on the server and client sides. If this happens, it
> > could mean an end to our nightmare with Windows!
> >
> > We have already tried Open Kiosk (which natively runs on Linux) prior to
> > making my request. Open Kiosk is free but is not advanced enough to meet
> > our requirements. For example, it can't allow us to control and charge
> > for excessive bandwidth. We've done extensive research on what is
> > available and so far Cyber Cafe Pro seems to meet all our requirements
> > with the exception of running only on Windows. Hodoman works on Linux but
> > isn't as advanced as Cyber Cafe Pro is.
> >
> > This is the reason why we are interested in trying to get Cyber Cafe Pro
> > to work on Linux. Cyber Cafe Pro people aren't interested in assisting us
> > with regards to porting their application to Windows.
> >
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Vulani Mabunda
> > CEO
> > Internet CAfe Jack
> > South Africa
> >
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