audio glitch patch by mike hearn

kfs1 at kfs1 at
Wed Dec 6 16:48:12 CST 2006

I'm trying to implement this patch: by Mike Hearn which  
will enable wine to work without all the nasty audio glitches when using  
alsa. However hunk 1 fails on as the patch hasn't been  
updated to latest wine.

Can anyone help me get this baby compiled as i want to play my games  
without the nasty audio glitches and don't care if i have to be  

If there are any details (does wineserver/wine* has to be setuid root? do  
i need any special settings in winecfg, will it work with sudo or do i  
have to be root,etc etc) I would like to get informed of them also as it  
will probably take me days to figure it out on my own <:)

some guy rediffed(whatever that means) it here: but it doesn't  
seem to work.

Thanks for all the help. I'm asking here as Mike is too busy to fix it,  
but he says it should be an easy fix.

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