audio glitch patch by mike hearn

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Wed Dec 6 23:21:59 CST 2006

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 14:48, kfs1 at wrote:
> I'm trying to implement this patch:
> by Mike Hearn which
> will enable wine to work without all the nasty audio glitches when using
> alsa. However hunk 1 fails on as the patch hasn't been
> updated to latest wine.
> Can anyone help me get this baby compiled as i want to play my games
> without the nasty audio glitches and don't care if i have to be
> root/sudo/whatever.

I have a stripped down version of the patch that doesn't require any configure 
changes and should apply fine to the latest wine. It's designed for systems 
that have RLIMIT_RTPRIO (Linux kernel 2.6.13 and up) and works as long as the 
user can set real-time priority for processes (an updated/modified PAM can 
set such permissions for users; realtime-lsm may work too, but I don't have 
any experience with it). Running as root/suid with this is NOT recommended as 
it makes no provisions for it.. it doesn't attempt to drop permissions, so 
whatever you run Wine as, the whole program will have the same permissions.

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