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Thu Dec 7 00:52:34 CST 2006

On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 06:21:59 +0100, Chris Robinson <chris.kcat at>  

> On Wednesday 06 December 2006 14:48, kfs1 at wrote:
>> I'm trying to implement this patch:
>> by Mike Hearn which
>> will enable wine to work without all the nasty audio glitches when using
>> alsa. However hunk 1 fails on as the patch hasn't been
>> updated to latest wine.
>> Can anyone help me get this baby compiled as i want to play my games
>> without the nasty audio glitches and don't care if i have to be
>> root/sudo/whatever.
> I have a stripped down version of the patch that doesn't require any  
> configure
> changes and should apply fine to the latest wine. It's designed for  
> systems
> that have RLIMIT_RTPRIO (Linux kernel 2.6.13 and up) and works as long  
> as the
> user can set real-time priority for processes (an updated/modified PAM  
> can
> set such permissions for users; realtime-lsm may work too, but I don't  
> have
> any experience with it). Running as root/suid with this is NOT  
> recommended as
> it makes no provisions for it.. it doesn't attempt to drop permissions,  
> so
> whatever you run Wine as, the whole program will have the same  
> permissions.

Ahhh perfect! Send it over! How would i run it as pam though? And an  
additional question: Would this speedup alsa too? as I finally got alsa's  
oss emulation to work with wine which is much much faster :S

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