audio glitch patch by mike hearn

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Thu Dec 7 01:40:12 CST 2006

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 22:52, you wrote:
> Ahhh perfect! Send it over! How would i run it as pam though? And an
> additional question: Would this speedup alsa too? as I finally got alsa's
> oss emulation to work with wine which is much much faster :S

PAM is a sysadmin tool that can (among other things) control resource limits 
for various users/groups. I'm not exactly sure which version, but later 
versions allow you to set rtprio limits for users (not to be confused 
with 'priority', which isn't what you want). An example line 
for /etc/security/limits.conf would be:

<name>  -  rtprio  1

The patch currently only utilizes a value of 1, so you don't need anything 
higher. Also, make sure /etc/pam.d/login has this:

session    required     /lib/security/

After making the changes, restart the user login session. Assuming all went 
well, applications can now set a real-time priority level of 1, if run by the 
named user/group. Then apply this simple patch to Wine: (~2.5K)

..rebuild, and enjoy. :)

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