audio glitch patch by mike hearn

Mitchell Mebane mitchell.mebane at
Thu Dec 7 12:44:55 CST 2006

Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 07 Dezember 2006 15:46 schrieb kfs1 at
>> Well actually most 'users' would get these rights as most users of linux  
>> are the administrators themselves!
> But you should *never* work as root, and *never ever* run wine as root, and 
> *even more never ever* run most likely cracked games as root(due to the lack 
> of copy protection support in wine)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
The point is not that most people would run as root; it was that most 
people would have the ability to grant themselves realtime privileges.  
And, frankly, I think most people who would benefit from this patch 
would be quite willing to accept a slight possibility of locking up 
their systems if it meant they could play games with clean audio.  I 
know I certainly would.

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