mshtml as html parser

Kirill K. Smirnov lich at
Thu Dec 7 15:19:49 CST 2006

>> Just a little question: can wine's current implementation of mshtml.dll be 
>> used as html parser? I need to convert html code into a tree without 
>> displaying it.

>You might want to use tidy and an XML pareser :

This way looks too complicated in the following case:

I switched off from winhelp in favor of chmhelp - winhelp works somehow, but chmhelp not.
chm content is an simple HTML file, which can be parsered by hands (like xCHM utility does), but if there is a library like mshtml (or msxml) why not use it? The only problem is I am afraid wine's mshtml has E_NOTIMPL in piece of codes looks interesting to me. (I do not understand the architcture of mshtml.dll to be sure). To stop wandering I decided to write a question here.

So the question: can the wine's mshtml (as it is now) be used? I looked for smth like CreateHTMLDocument2(...) but failed.

-- Kirill K. Smirnov
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