First case of a real virus infection on wine

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat Dec 9 10:07:23 CST 2006

Am Samstag 09 Dezember 2006 16:20 schrieb Dan Kegel:
> Stefan wrote:
> >What we noticed pretty fast was that at least 3 windows boxes were
> > infested with a bunch of malware, and trying to infect each other over
> > network shares. The virus alert messages popping up made playing
> > impossible. The obvious solution: Disable the virus scanners.
> I think that qualifies you for the Darwin award!
> Can you try Christoph's ClamAV integration,
> and see if it would have prevented the infection?
> - Dan
Pfiew... I think I'll set up a qemu vm for further tests like this. I'll give 
those patches a try if I've time after having done my university work for 
next week. For now I need that system to get some work done.

I've run clamav over my whole hard disk, and it seems that appart of wine and 
windows nothing was infected. (Yeah, I can't be sure until I flattened the 
whole system, I know). My brothers winxp seems clean now too. Usually I 
format and reinstall infected windows computers, but his device is a school 
notebook with a strange partitioning setup and the stupid recovery cds would 
kill that. So I have to rely on virus scanners removing the viruses and 
telling that they are clean.

I tried running an infected file with CrossOver before I started the cleanup, 
and it found the virus and refused to run the file :-) .
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