Wine performance (opengl)

nlataill nlataill at
Sat Dec 9 13:52:40 CST 2006


I am using wine to play World of warcraft (this game is using opengl, and is
threaded - 2/3 threads IIRC). I did recently find a reproductable
performance regression on versions 0.9.24+.

Under the same conditions (always difficult to get in an MMORPG game, but
this is reproductible), version 0.9.23 gives me 20/25% more FPS than
versions 0.9.24->0.9.26 (have not tried .27 yet).

- Is this performance regression known/expected on opengl/threaded
applications (new codebase) ?
- Is someone using WOW here (and has found a similar preformance regression)
- It is worth for me to start looking at it (more measures, throw oprofile
at it, bissect the change...)


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