d3d: Fix EnumAdapterModes and add an adapter mode format test

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Sat Dec 9 13:57:26 CST 2006

Am Samstag 09 Dezember 2006 19:28 schrieb Chris Robinson:
> This patch fixes D3D adapter mode enumeration, which clears some issues
> some games had when starting (eg. Morrowind being unable to set a mode).
> I've added an adapter test (modified from the texture test) to D3D 9 which
> tests all the D3DFORMAT types.
> Apologies for the macro (a)buse in the test, but it would've been more
> combersome to have to manually make strings for each of the modes without
> it.
Do not apply this patch yet. The WINED3DFMT_X1R5G5B5 test fails on my brothers 
windows xp system. Win2k system also seem to have sporadic test failures.
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