Yet another benchmark: Sandra

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Dec 10 22:41:03 CST 2006

While looking around for windows benchmarks, I ran into
which mentions a benchmark called Sandra.  Sandra Lite is
a free download available from
There are two versions available for download:
the one for win2k and up (done in 2006), and the one for win98 (done in 2004).

The win2k one installs, but fails silently on startup.  Wine says:
~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SiSoftware/SiSoftware Sandra Lite XIb$
~/wine-git/wine sandra.exe
fixme:actctx:FindActCtxSectionStringW 00000000 (null) 2 L"msvcr80.dll" 0x337acc
fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW 0x33fa30 00000088
fixme:wintrust:WinVerifyTrust 0xffffffff
{00aac56b-cd44-11d0-8cc2-00c04fc295ee} 0x33edc0
fixme:crypt:CryptVerifyMessageSignature stub: 0x33ede0, 0, 0x6e81d8,
4296, (nil), 0x33edc4, 0x33edc0
fixme:actctx:ReleaseActCtx 0xf00baa
and exits.

The win98 one wants mdac 2.5 installed before installing,
and fails to run because winscard.dll is not present.  :-(

So I guess Sanda doesn't like wine much at the moment.
- Dan

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