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Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Mon Dec 11 13:30:25 CST 2006

What would it take (how much would it cost us) to move the site to another server?

We have had this problem for a while now (over a week) that our main
site has been sporaticly unavailable. I appreciate all the work Jeremy
Newman has put into trying to find the problem but I think that having
all of websites (excepting the wiki) on one box is a bad idea in the
long run.  I think that we should dedicate a box to
since having a uninterupted presence on the web is critical to Wine's

Right now we host quite a number of different services on the one box.
Ideally we could have a redundant/mirrored solution but that is not
esential at this point.

This is my list in order of importance (wiki is not on this list
because it is already on a separate box)

Git - Essential service (easy to miror) - critical to our image (easy to mirror ???)
mysql - critical to appdb and bugzilla (cannot mirror effectively) - important to fixing bugs ;^) (hard to mirror) - userland mostly. ( yes it's important but not
critical) (hard to miror)
mailing lists archives - we already have redundancy here.
cvs - needed for web site development and people not converted to git
(easy to mirror)

Buying an used box for $500-1000(us) and dedicating it to is one option I see (and am willing to help pay for). I
am sure there are other options but I wanted to at least open the


Tony Lambregts

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