msxml.dll: nextNode and reset functions

Huw Davies huw at
Thu Dec 14 07:55:31 CST 2006

On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 11:41:25AM +0100, Colin Pitrat wrote:
> Change Log:
> 	Add an iterator to _xmlnodemap struct
> 	Implement nextNode function that give nodes one by one
> 	Implement resetNode that reset the iterator
> It's my first patch, so please tell me if something is wrong. I saw on 
> that I should write a test 
> case, but I don't know how to do this (do I need windows ? because I 
> don't have it).

Yes, you really should write a test for this.  For this dll you could
even use a (legal) native version of msxml3.dll run under Wine.

Some specific points about your patch:

* You seem to have your editor set to display tabs as width 4, please
don't do this.  Don't use tabs at all and use 4 spaces per indent level.

* You don't initialize the iterator member of xmlnodemap, this should
be done in create_nodemap.

Huw Davies
huw at

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